What bothers Spanish drivers the most?


In addition, more than 90% of drivers worry that they will be late for their plans because they waste time looking for a parking space.

“I’m going to pick up the car and it’s not there. Luckily I was on the wrong floor…”, “I don’t remember which street I parked in and had to walk through the neighborhood” or “5 friends looking for a car that ‘appears’ parked 45 minutes later, where I parked it, of course.” These are just some of the anecdotes that users of Parclick, an online parking reservation application, have shared via a user survey to show that, as moms say, rushing is not good.

We can say that not finding the car when we go to pick it up is the biggest fear for Spanish drivers when it comes to parking. But also round and round looking for a hole as time goes by. 90% of those surveyed say one of their biggest fears is being late for their plans to find a parking space.

Another fact to note is that most of the situations that “scare us” involve other vehicles, and not everything in driving and parking depends on us. 46.7% of those polled by Parclick are afraid of
park and make sure there is a queue behindwhile more than half of the drivers fear that a ‘smart guy’ will come and take the site they had already seen.

Of course there are cases of all kinds. Another of our most common concerns is that we can’t get the car out of the car park when we go to pick it up, either because space is very tight (47.4%) or because someone decided the best place to park was for our vehicle (52.6%).

But of course we also have to take other environmental factors into account, and the parents know this better than anyone. About 10% of those surveyed said that dealing with children and making them cry is one of the most terrifying situations. To the
stress when looking for a parking spacewhat is already a tough task in itself adds the thrill of hearing the little ones as if the world were going to end.

In addition, we must not forget that we can be faced with unpleasant surprises when collecting the car. Evidence of this is that 56.8% of motorists said they feared their car would be scratched while parked, while 43.2% admitted they were afraid of being fined for returning their vehicle. .

Source: La Verdad


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