‘Frontball Planet’, the video game that allows you to play Basque pelota on the PlayStation


We spoke to Jon Cortázar, director and designer of Bilbao studio Relevo, which will soon allow players to play ball from the comfort of their own home in a variety of environments around the world, including Bilbao.

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The ball will soon jump into the virtual world Frontball Planet: Get in the gamea new video game developed by the Bilbao studio Relevo, with the support of PlayStation Talents.

Endorsed by the Spanish Federation of Pelota (FEPelota) and the International Basque Pelota Federation (FIPV), it is the first video game about Frontball, a sport discipline that originated in 2008 and breaks down traditional barriers. This modality of recent inclusion is another specialty of the ball sport; a crossroads of various handball games practiced around the world.

front ball planet offers a local multiplayer experience on the streets of seven different cities: Bilbao, Dubai, Madrid, Miami, New York and Tokyo. It will also have two special scenarios: an indoor training field and a space station.

In this game, players You can choose from three different characters to compete against different rivals, in different modes that allow them to earn points that they can exchange for unlockable items in the shop offline of the game.

we have spoken with Jon Cortázar, director and designer of the Relevo studioselected by Games Industry two years ago as one of the world’s 100 video game professionals seeking a more inclusive industryafter developing the game Treasure Rangers, available for PS4.

Relevo has been part of the PlayStation Talents program in its Alliance branch since the initiative was created 2015since we worked with PlayStation before,” Cortázar explains.

Thanks to that alliance, Relevo became even the first Basque studio to be certified as a PlayStation developer and publisher in 2013 and in January 2015 it was the first Basque company to publish a video game on video consoles. This journey of nearly a decade of collaborative work has created a relationship of trust between Relevo and PlayStation, “which we are very happy and proud to be a part of.”

Developer Jon Cortazar. Photo: EITB Media

Details of front ball planet

frontball planet is scheduled for market launch in the first quarter of 2023and will be available on PS5, PS4 and PC.

Thus, the game can be purchased at a discounted price on the various publishing platforms. As of today, there are no plans for inclusion in Playstation Plus, “but we’ve had Relevo products in that subscription model before, and maybe it’s a good idea for the future.”

The game does not have any form of micropayments. After buying it for the retail price, we can unlock all the content, play and continue in the different game modes.

Jon Cortázar: “We are delighted to be able to represent our city in a product with international appeal”

According to the developer, frontball is “a fun game discipline, to play with friends and with a lot of contact.” That’s why they’ve wanted in the video game too improve head-to-head matches between different friends from the same consoleand have preferred to prioritize the possibility of modes online creating different game modes “great fun to play together on the couch”. This way you can enjoy the game with one person, against a friend and even in championships with up to eight players.

Cortázar does not rule out updates in the future, “including different playing fields or new players.” In any case, he emphasizes that “we are currently focused on making the game and depending on the success and demand of the players, the game would be ready to generate new and fun content.”

Sketch of the cover of the video game.  Photo: Relay

Sketch of the cover of the video game. Photo: Relay

Given the prospect of jumping from the local to the international and the global visibility that the game’s launch will bring, the developer states that “we’re excited to be able to represent our city in a product of international projection“.

“We hope the players enjoy the different cities,” adds Cortázar, “and then, if they dare, come and see the real Bilbao!”

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Source: EITB


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