These are the DGT’s tips for buying a used car


Due to the shortage of semiconductors, demand for new cars is limited to the next six months, so many buyers have chosen to turn to the used market in search of their new car.

This has led to a huge increase in demand for models less than five years old and with hybrid technologies, as well as a general increase in price found in these types of models.

However, the high demand for these vehicles has already ensured that there are not so many for sale.
Cars less than three years old are not on the marketbecause leasing and rental companies have extended their contracts and the increase in sales is mainly for vehicles older than 15 years.

This is evident from figures from the distribution employer
gavanm, 157,362 used cars were sold in Spain in October, a drop of 5.5%, nine consecutive drops. In cumulative terms,
the decrease is 4.8% to 1,522,237 operations until the date.

The second-hand market has traditionally been one of the most opaque in history, but has transformed significantly over the past decade, during which manufacturers themselves have recognized its lucrative potential and entered the market with their own divisions of VO.

In addition, there are also new players who are strongly committed to digitization in their shop windows in order to offer the best prices, such as Sumauto or, in the United States, Carvana or Vroom.

Although the situation of transparency in the used market has improved, it does not mean that it has completely disappeared. Therefore, the
General driving direction has issued a warning for buyers to be aware of certain risks when purchasing a used vehicle.

First of all, it is useful to look at the technical aspects: the body, the blows, rust, general condition of the paint… Once this has been considered, it is important to move on to less obvious aspects, such as the condition of the tires—that have more than 1.6 mm tread—, the oil level and the condition of the timing belt.

It is essential to test drive the car before buying it and pay close attention to make sure there are no inappropriate noises or that all electrical elements are working properly. Now is a good time to check the vehicle’s interior and check the condition of the upholstery, seat belts, or seat operation, as well as the feel of the tires.

Just as the mechanics are relevant, it is essential that the car has all the paperwork in order. The DGT can issue the so-called reduced vehicle status report, which tells you if the car is registered or if there is an incident, such as a pending penalty or if you have paid the road tax.

Finally, Tráfico has a form on its website to execute the purchase contract, a document that protects the parties before this transaction and the transfer of ownership. This transaction must be made to justify the payment of the transfer tax, with model 620 or 61, depending on the autonomous community.

Source: La Verdad


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