Subscription cars, an alternative to circumvent the LEZ restrictions


This type of service is fully configurable and is 100% adapted to the needs of each user, choosing the durability and even the desired mileage.

With the entry into force of the new Low Emission Zones (ZBE), many users will be forced to change vehicles. Or at least to reconsider it. And since not everyone can afford to spend money on a new car, one of the alternatives to owning a car
no need to buy it is the subscription.

This solution is one of the cheapest alternatives to buying vehicles and, above all, flexible when it comes to buying them, as it offers the possibility to change cars whenever you want. In addition, most of the fleet available by subscription has the environmental label required for travel in ZBE.

Subscription cars also offer users something
benefits such as comfort and flexibilitysince the user can choose when, where and how they want the vehicle, it is fully configurable and 100% adapted to the needs of each user, choosing the durability of the vehicle and even the desired mileage, according to Bipi.

This service allows the vehicle to be used for as long as the user needs, so use it responsibly.

In concrete terms, by subscribing, a customer pays a monthly amount as the final price, taking over only the fuel costs. The ‘all inclusive’ includes all-risk insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance and service, road tax and ITV.

After registration, the user can choose the time to stay with the chosen car, from 1 to 24 months, and the longer the minimum stay, the lower the fee. At the end of the minimum stay, the subscription is renewed monthly until otherwise indicated by the customer.

You can change the car model category at any time if your needs change. Subscriptions include 1,500 km per month, but additional mileage packs can be added.

Source: La Verdad


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