General wants more money – Media Minister Raab: Austerity ultimatum to the ORF!


The Küniglberg is financially on fire. ORF boss Roland Weißmann estimates a huge gap of 325 million euros by 2026. In the “Krone” interview, media minister Susanne Raab takes a position for the first time and rejects the demand for more money: “In times like these, when everyone who finances the ORF must save, this demand is strong!”

And in return, she sets a “cutting ultimatum” for the next few weeks. Raab: “More efficiency and a decrease in the cash register are needed. I will therefore continue to talk to the general manager in January.” She also knows that a large majority of the population supports her. According to the “Standard” survey, 76 percent want savings instead of GIS increases. The mandatory fees – this year 676 million euros (!) – remain a point of attention after the ruling of the Supreme Court (keyword free streaming).

Source: Krone


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