No “Canceling Culture” – Vienna: Sobotka against the Shoah Center on Lueger-Platz


The chairman of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP), cannot agree with Oskar Deutsch, the chairman of the Vienna Jewish Community (IKG), who wants a Shoah center on Dr.-Karl-Lueger -Platz in Vienna. He agrees with German in many respects, especially regarding the Shoah center, “but it is impossible that we just remove the story,” he said on the ORF program “Hohes Haus” on Sunday.

Of course, the monument should be given a corresponding connotation, but he does not like the “cancellation culture”, says Sobotka: “We must also consciously stick to our past, even if it does not always testify to fame.”

Lueger’s anti-Semitic stance is “unshakable”, it should be deeply rejected, but Lueger also did a lot for the development of the city, the development of modern Vienna.

IKG President Demands Shoah Center
Deutsch had demanded that the Lueger monument, “a monument to an anti-Semite”, be “gone, removed”. Deutsch had repeatedly spoken out in favor of a Shoah center modeled on institutions in the US or Israel in Vienna as eyewitnesses dwindled.

That can help Sobotka a lot. From his point of view, Morzinplatz, where the Gestapo center was located, would be suitable. The chairman of the National Council proposed that a selection committee be established. For him, it is “more than necessary” to address this topic.

Source: Krone


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