Elma Saiz advocates dialogue and guarantees the only social security fund


The spokesperson of the Basque government, Bingen Zupiria, believes that knowledge of the Economic Agreement and Foral Agreement of the new Minister of Social Security could be “a facility” in transferring the management of the economic regime of Social Security to Euskadi.

The new Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Elma Saiz, has advocated dialogue between governments and territorial structuring, and has rejected the break-up of the sole social security fund.

“I am not thinking of a possible break in the social security fund. I am someone who believes in work and in dialogue between governments,” he emphasized in statements to the media, asking about the transfer of the economic management of social security to the Basque Country. Land for the sake of the investiture agreement between PSOE and PNV.

For his part, the spokesperson of the Basque government, Bingen Zupiria, recalled that the transfer of this power is a commitment already agreed in the previous legislature between the central and the Basque executive and which is also included in the Statute of Gernika . He therefore trusted that the full development of the Statute “will be achieved in the most satisfactory manner and in the shortest possible time” and believes that the fact that Minister Saiz “is a good connoisseur” of the Basque and Navarrese self-knowledge government “it can certainly be an ease” to achieve this.

Source: EITB


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