Accessories that should not be missing in your car when you travel in the winter


Accessories that should not be missing in your car when you travel in the winter

We must also take extreme precautions, drive smoothly, without sudden movements or changes, and slow down.

Once winter has arrived and the expected snowfall, behind the wheel we must take into account a series of recommendations. For this reason, we must take extreme precautions, driving smoothly, without movements or
sudden changes, and slow down.

We practice smooth driving, without sudden movements or changes, and we slow down. In adverse conditions, the grip of the tires is reduced and any sudden change can lead to loss of control of the car. It is necessary to increase the safety distance from other vehicles.

In addition to performing the always recommended basic inspections of the car and
equip winter tires or chainsit is useful to take into account some elements that, if a problem arises along the way, can be very useful.

The most basic and essential that should not be missing on any trip is water, to stay hydrated if we have a breakdown or an accident that stops our vehicle, and energy bars, nuts or similar. It’s about having energy foods on hand that don’t take up space and that compensate
the loss of calories created by the cold.

Warm clothes and blankets should be added. Our wardrobe should allow us to handle the various tools of the car properly. For example, to comfortably change a wheel or to place the chains.

For this we should also have gloves in the car, since with frozen hands we lose all sensitivity. Something as simple as deploying the bad luck triangle becomes impossible. Wear gloves for storage
warm hands and also to protect them. With the cold, the skin becomes more sensitive and it is easier to cut and injure our hands when placing the chains, for example.

Don’t forget a flashlight. In winter, visibility is minimal and daylight hours are very few. Bring a flashlight in the car
It ensures that you are more visible and can also see better. My advice is to take a mine type that we can place on the forehead and leave our hands free. Of course, make sure it has batteries in it.

Ice scraper: It doesn’t hurt to have a wiper and antifreeze windshield wiper fluid to help remove ice from the windows and see the car’s headlights properly. They are cheap and hardly take up any space.

For example, a large plastic can be useful if we need to put the chains on the car. Kneeling in the snow is not the same as kneeling on plastic (the blanket would be fine too, but then we’d get wet and it wouldn’t provide us any shelter afterwards) to avoid getting our pants wet and getting colder for the rest of the trip is going to be . A simple plastic or the typical gold thermal blanket from the first aid kit will keep our pants dry and it can also be fun for the kids to turn it into a makeshift sled in a safe place.

Something very simple that can get us out of trouble is a mobile phone charger: it is essential
to have a mobile phone at all times in case we need to make an emergency call, be located, etc.

When we go through areas where there is a lot of snow, it is essential to carry chains: if we do not have winter tires and we drive through areas where snow falls, it is essential to always have a set of chains in the trunk. Don’t forget to always carry them in a part of the trunk where you have them handy. If you leave them at the bottom, you’ll have to take out all the luggage to get to them.

For more complicated situations, you can also add a small folding shovel to the trunk. Experts from Autocasión explain: “Something as simple as placing the car jack to change a wheel can be very dangerous.
if we don’t arrange it properly and remove the snow that is under the car”. A folding shovel like the ones used by sappers won’t take up any space or weight and will make it much easier for us to clear snow to change a tire or even get out of the ditch.

Finally, a sling can be useful:
sometimes pull a little it can allow us to continue a journey if we are stuck in snow accumulating at the edge of the road. It is forbidden to tow a car, but we can throw a cable and get out of trouble or help another to do it.

Source: La Verdad


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