Hydrogen cartridges: the new idea for zero-emission mobility


Hydrogen technology, largely unknown to the general public in Spain, still has a lot to say, as it is expected that by 2030 and in our country alone, 5,000 vehicles will run on hydrogen. And if the infrastructure grows at a good pace and the government promotes this technology, experts say the cost of a hydrogen vehicle could be comparable to that of a diesel.

A hydrogen car is an electric car that produces its own electricity on board when hydrogen, stored in high-pressure tanks, reacts with oxygen in the air in a mini-power plant called a fuel cell, arguably the most expensive and most important part of this technology. From the process, all that comes out of the exhaust pipe is water.

As more hydrogen vehicles enter the market and the necessary infrastructure for refueling is established, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and its subsidiary, Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. (Woven Planet), developed a working prototype of their fuel cartridge. hydrogen. The design will facilitate the daily transportation and delivery of hydrogen for a wide range of applications in everyday life, both at home and on the road.

One of the advantages of this cartridge system is that it is portable, affordable and practical to bring gas to where people live, work and play, without the need for pipes.

The prototype dimensions are 400mm (16″) long and 180mm (7″) in diameter, with an expected weight of 5kg. These cartridges are interchangeable for easy replacement and quick reloading. Its flexibility in terms of volume allows for a wide range of everyday applications, and finally, through a small-scale infrastructure, it can cover energy needs in remote and non-electrified areas and be dispatched quickly in the event of a disaster.

Currently, most hydrogen is generated from fossil fuels and used for industrial purposes, such as fertilizer production and oil refining. To use hydrogen as an energy source in our homes and in our daily lives, the technology has to meet different safety standards and adapt to new environments. The prototype of the portable hydrogen cartridge will be displayed in the second race of the 2022 Super Taikyu series, at the Fuji Circuit, from June 3-5, 2022.

Source: La Verdad


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