How to use air conditioning efficiently to save gas?


How to use air conditioning efficiently to save gas?

Abuse of this technology can lead to additional costs of between 5% and 20%.

Given the staggering rise in gasoline and diesel prices, we have to consider the many tricks that can help us reduce fuel consumption. The most common tips to save petrol in the car are well known: take the tires with the optimal pressure, reduce the weight of the luggage, maintain a uniform speed, prioritize high gears, take advantage of the downhills to reduce the revs and modulate speed by, among other things, idling instead of braking and accelerating.

With the advent of high temperatures, it should be borne in mind that air conditioning also affects fuel consumption. And it is that an inefficient use of this technology can translate into an extra cost of between 5% and 20%.

If you keep the air conditioning on the entire trip, consumption skyrockets. Instead, it should be turned off when we notice that the vehicle’s temperature has reached a comfortable level, even if it needs to be turned back on after a while.

When driving through a city at slow speeds, air conditioning is usually not that much needed. In those cases, it is better to travel with the windows down. On the road, the opposite happens, and it is that the lowered windows increase the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle, and thus the fuel consumption.

Nobody likes to get into a car that has been in the sun for several hours, but you also have to keep in mind that it takes a lot to cool the scorching air inside. To prevent the vehicle from heating up to this point, try to park in the shade. If this is not possible, after turning on the air conditioning, the windows should be lowered to expel the scorching air and speed up cooling slightly.

An air conditioner with dirty filters cools less, so we have to let it run longer. It is important to check before the arrival of heat and to clean or even replace the filters if necessary.

Source: La Verdad


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