Traffic law announces most expensive summer of fines


The traffic rules have been tightened up since March 2022. This is part of the Transport Directorate’s initiative to reduce the number of accidents by 2022, a situation that will not be reversed, as there have been 511 deaths on interurban roads so far in 2022, an increase of 18%.

Traffic used to be driving under the influence of substances, but now it’s a distraction. In fact, it is estimated that use multiplies the chance of an accident by four, similar to alcohol use.

As confirmed by the
VII Radiography of the mobility habits of the Spaniards conducted by the Mobility Forum promoted by Alphabet, 45% of Spaniards say they use their mobile while driving. For this reason, and given the increase in displacement in the coming days, as a result of the operation leaving San Juan, the first in the summer, it is worth recalling the new sanctions that have been introduced.

Driving with or manipulating mobile phones carries a fine of up to 6 points on the driver’s license and a fine of 200 euros.

But this is not the only one. If all the innovations introduced in the new regulations are violated, the fine could even rise to more than 1,700 euros, compared to last summer.

It is true that it is difficult to comply with all the sanctions at once – and that would have worse consequences than the sum of all the fines – but doing so would lead to a very expensive summer, without taking into account petrol prices. to calculate.

Specifically, it would be an invoice of 1,700 euros, without counting the points deduction from the card. Here are the detailed amounts of the new changes to the Road and Road Safety Act of 2022.

Carry the mobile in hand: 200 euros and six card points. The DGT has focused on distraction at the wheel when reforming the law, as it is the main cause of accidents, its use is widespread and the previous regulation did not take this into account.

No seat belt: 200 euros and four license points. Although this was already provided for in the repealed legislation, it was tightened up in 2022.

Bring radar detection systems: 200 euros and three card points. Fine prevention technology has advanced faster than the law and its use has already been criminalized.

Throwing cigarette butts out the window, or objects that could cause fire or accidents: 200 euros and four card points. Again, this sanction has been tightened, because previously it meant four points, and fire prevention is a priority for the administration.

Overtaking cyclists without respecting the minimum safety distance (1.5 meters): 200 euros and six card points Although it was already considered a violation, it has been tightened for 2022.

Overtaking above the speed limit of the road: 100 euros One of the most controversial measures of the new rule, overtaking must be carried out without exceeding the speed limit. Until now, 20 kilometers per hour more was allowed.

Not always being able to control the vehicle: 100 euros This fine is ambiguous as it depends on the agent’s judgment. It could mean having a stray dog ​​in the passenger compartment, inappropriate shoes, or playing the imaginary drums to the beat of music.

Failure to provide assistance on public roads: 500 euros This is a very serious crime, as immediate assistance is one of the factors that largely determines the death rate from a traffic accident.

Source: La Verdad


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