How do you know if the car tires are in good condition for travel?


The roads in Spain are busier than ever, despite skyrocketing petrol prices. Two years of pandemic, with accompanying mobility restrictions, have made thousands of Spaniards want to go on holiday more than usual. And the car will be the most used means of carrying out that long-awaited summer vacation.

The car is the
most common vehicle among Spaniards, according to the latest report published by the statistical portal Statista. And the more vehicles, the greater the risk of accidents. In 2021 1,004 people died on the road, 9% less than in 2019, the last year without mobility restrictions.

Numerous factors influence these types of accidents. The lack of sleep, the absent-mindedness, the use of drugs and alcohol and also the bad condition of the cars, especially the tires.

[Las víctimas de accidentes de tráfico se sienten discriminadas por el gobierno frente a las aseguradoras]

Because according to a survey published last year by the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (Royal Automobile Club of Spain), up to one and a half million vehicles are circulating with serious wheel defects.
breed). Among the most common defects of this element are irregular wear (with 48.5% of cases), abnormal deformations or fractures (17.7%) and the depth of the drawing below the legal minimum (13.6%), according to the RACE report.

It is for this reason that it is more than convenient to check them out before embarking on a long journey. Because although they seem normal at first glance, there can be irregularities that go unnoticed.

The usual routine for traveling should be to check the pressure. It is true that for the most experienced a simple glance is enough to know whether the tires are low or high, but there are situations where this is not enough. That’s when you need to go to the pressure gauges that most gas stations make available, check the level and mark the optimum. Please note that the measurement may vary depending on the vehicle. That is why the documentation indicates what the correct pressure is.

One factor that can be seen at a glance is the pattern because when worn it is quite obvious that they need to be changed. Also pay attention to whether the surface is visible
cracks in the sides. If so, it is also a symptom of damage and it is advisable to replace the rubber.

A tool often used to check the condition of tires is a one euro coin. Yes, as strange as this simple object may seem, it can tell us if we should switch wheels.

It’s as simple as inserting it into the steps, which are in the middle. If the edge
gold tintedWhat is visible is that the rubber has exceeded its lifespan and must be replaced.

Source: La Verdad


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