Lock broken – minibus crashes into police car in wild escape


A driver recently broke a barrier with his car at the border crossing at Klingenbach in Burgenland and was able to flee to Sopron at breakneck speed…

Wild scenes recently took place near the border at Klingenbach. The police had carried out a focus action on the roundabout at the sugar factory. The reason for the checks was the increased number of bicycle thefts, which recently occurred mainly in the north of Burgenland.

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Rows of vehicles on their way to the border crossing were stopped. A minibus was also approaching the roundabout. However, when the driver saw the officers, he accelerated and rushed to the officer who was trying to stop him. The officer was only able to get to safety by jumping to the side.

His colleagues had seen the incident and alerted officials at the border crossing with the presence of mind. They immediately blocked the road with an official car. This didn’t seem to bother the crazy driver of the minibus.

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Cold as ice, he rammed into the police car and continued across the border. Officers with several vehicles immediately give chase. The fugitive ran at breakneck speed along the country road to Sopron. Despite an intensive search, the track of the minibus was lost there.

The incident is reminiscent of people smugglers who repeatedly try to escape from the police with breakneck maneuvers. It wasn’t until Saturday that a van driver near Kittsee broke through a police barrier and tried to flee at breakneck speed. The car overturned – three deaths.

Source: Krone


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