The Euskal Herria Charter of Social Rights calls for demonstrations on the 26th in defense of purchasing power


The demonstration starts at 7:00 PM. In Vitoria-Gasteiz it departs from the Virgen Blanca and in Bilbo from the Arriaga. In San Sebastián, the mobilization starts from the Boulevard and in the case of Pamplona at the old bus station.

Euskaraz irakurri: Manifestazioak antolatu ditu Eskubide Sozialen Kartak hilaren 26rako erosteko ahalmenaren alde

the so-called Charter of Social Rights of Euskal Herria has called for the following May 26 demonstrations in the capitals of Hego Euskal Herria om defend the purchasing power of salaries, pensions and social benefits”and thus distribute the wealth to ensure a decent life

“They told us that last year’s inflation (6.5%) was indirect. It wasn’t true. And now, when the year-over-year CPI has reached 9.8%, they tell us it’s to blame of Putin and the war in Ukraine It’s not true either,” they say. it’s a statement.

In this sense, the agents that are part of the Charter of Social Rights have underlined that “70% of price increases occurred before the war in Ukraine” and have emphasized that the origin of inflation is “of a structural nature, either due to speculation inherent in the capitalist system or because of the fixation system of electricity prices.

As they point out, “the economic and political powers want to continue to spread poverty so that wealth accumulates in fewer and fewer hands and therefore further impoverishes the majority of the population, affecting the purchasing power of workers and citizens and citizens”. Likewise, he adds that cutting taxes would mean “lowering further” the public system, “breaking them down”.

For this reason, it has decided to “start a mobilization dynamic” with demonstrations on the 26th in the capitals Navarra and Euskadi. They all leave at 7pm. In Vitoria-Gasteiz it will depart from the White Virgin; in Bilbao, of the Arriaga; in Saint Sebastianstart on the Boulevard and in the case of Pamplonain the old bus station.

Among other things, they will demand salaries and pensions with an increase in the real CPI, as well as the control and restriction of the prices of all energy products. They will also ask for publication and public and social control of the energy sectora change in the marginalist system for determining the price of electricity, the abolition of the “clandestine tolls” that electricity companies receive and a roadmap to democratically plan the energy transition.

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Source: EITB


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