Investigations are underway – fake sheikhs have defrauded investors of millions


A Greek is incarcerated, a German victim has committed suicide. Federal detectives are now looking for victims in Austria.

With the promise of huge returns, scammers are active on the internet. For example, in 2020 and 2021, a group of criminals posed as representatives of alleged Arab investors at companies that needed financing capital and were looking for financiers. So far, the German investigative agency has been able to locate victims in the US, Africa, Australia and also Europe.

damage in the millions
The damage is in any case in the tens of millions. The main perpetrator, a Greek, is already in custody. A German victim committed suicide. A trip to a fake sheik in Dubai was even organised. The Federal Criminal Investigation Service is supporting the German authorities in the search for witnesses and victims. The Kaiserslautern Police Department accepts tips at [email protected]

Gerald Rak of the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommends that you carefully examine and google the pages with tempting offers on the Internet. “You quickly get information about the experiences of others,” says the researcher. The supervisor of the financial markets is also helpful.

Source: Krone


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