Car Explosion – Daughter of “Putin’s Brain” Killed in Attack


An alleged attack took place in Moscow on Sunday evening: the victim is said to be the daughter of Alexander Dugin. Dugin is a well-known right-wing extremist and a key adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Darya Dugina, daughter of influential Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, was said to have been killed in an attack on Saturday when the car she was in suddenly exploded in the Moscow region, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported.

‘The car immediately caught fire’
When Dugina “turned onto the Mozhaiskoye highway near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemi, there was an explosion and the car immediately caught fire,” said Andrei Krasnov, head of the social movement Russky Gorizont (Russian Horizon) and a personal acquaintance of the family woman. the TASS.

“The flames completely consumed it. She lost control of the wheel because she was driving at high speed and flew to the other side of the road,” Krasnov said, quoted by TASS.

Videos and photos are circulating on social media that should show the consequences of the explosion.

Car actually belonged to father
Krasnov told TASS that he knew Dugin personally and that the car she was traveling in belonged to her father. He believes Alexander Dugin was the actual target of the blast, or possibly both.

The Russian newspaper Kommersant reports that Dugin actually wanted to drive the jeep. He would have changed his mind on short notice. He and his daughter are said to have attended a festival organized by the Kremlin before the attack.

Russian police are now investigating. Authorities have not yet commented on this.

Source: Krone


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