About 80 criminal offenses – Frequency: emergency services make a positive inventory


After the Frequency Festival in St. Pölten, the emergency services have made a positive assessment. The police noted a decrease of 80 offences. The Red Cross treated a total of more than 1,700 people, the majority of which were sprains, swellings, cuts and abrasions. With about 120 calls on the site, the ÖAMTC also recorded a minus compared to previous frequency editions.

The three-day festival “went well from the police point of view,” summed up the commander of the city police, Colonel Franz Bäuchler, in an interview with APA on Sunday. There is a “significant decrease” in the number of crimes, with the 80 identified being “significantly less than normal”. This is, of course, not a conclusive summary of the crimes. Experience shows that even more reports will probably be received in the coming days, because, for example, thefts are not noticed until later.

According to Bäuchler, some of the changes or renovations made to the festival site in the past have had a positive effect. Bottlenecks have been removed, so that the influx of spectators after the busy closing acts on Saturday was “unproblematic and relatively quiet”.

82 people taken to hospital
On Sunday at 10:30 a.m., a total of 82 people from the Red Cross had to be transferred to the University Hospital St. Pölten – according to Sebastian Frank, the director of the St. Pölten district office, this number is also relatively small. There was a clear downward trend in insect bites. Frank emphasized that this was positive: “Especially for people with allergies, something like this can quickly become dangerous.” Definitive figures from the Red Cross were initially not available, because the ambulance service remained on site until 12:00.

“Worked perfectly”
There were few surprises for the ÖAMTC breakdown service at the festival site. Romana Schuster, spokeswoman for the mobile club, reported an increase in phone calls due to lost keys and dead car batteries. Public transport was highlighted positively by Schuster. “Many left with it the night after the last band. That worked perfectly.”

Speaking of the return journey: it was on its way on Sunday when it started to rain. The result was traffic jams around the Frequency site, which Schuster initially said were not extreme: “It’s progressing.”

Source: Krone


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