The United States and Russia blame each other for the war in Ukraine


The United States and Russia blame each other for the war in Ukraine

The UN Security Council held an extraordinary meeting to address the international crisis that led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the meeting ended without any progress.

United States and Russia They blamed each other on Monday for the current tension that is dominating the international scene and which, according to the United Nations, has led to one of the most dangerous situations the world has seen in decades.

At the initiative of China, the UN Security Council held a special session to address “promoting common security through dialogue and cooperation”, but the debate was marked by mutual accusations and recriminations, especially between Moscow and the Western powers.

The US Ambassador, Linda Thomas Greenfielddenounced Russia for violating the United Nations Charter with a illegal invasion and “unprovoked” from Ukraine and for ignoring repeated attempts by other countries to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

“Russia has justified its actions by trying to redefine basic concepts such as sovereignty, territorial integrity and the indivisibility of security. It has done so by declaring that it is Moscow’s prerogative to dictate the political and security decisions of its neighbors,” Thomas -Greenfield said.

The US diplomat recalled that the invasion of Ukraine led to tens of thousands dead, caused a refugee crisis and worsened food security around the world, but it has also “degraded the key principles that prevented further world wars.”

Meanwhile, its Russian counterpart, Vasili Nebenziaattributed this situation solely to the will of the “West” to “maintain its hegemony” and to what he described as NATO’s false promises after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“NATO continued to expand relentlessly, bringing its military infrastructure ever closer to our borders, including the deployment of missile defense systems and offensive weapons. All of this posed a real threat to our country’s national security,” Nebenzia noted.

Assured that the current war is simply the result of that policy, the Russian ambassador said Ukraine “has been sacrificed” in this confrontation of the United States and its allies with Russia.

He also denounced Western behavior in Asia and Africa, assuring that everything is part of a western attempt to impose its ideas and political modelor to the rest of the world.

“The US’s reckless plan with Taiwan is along the same lines. We see this carefully planned provocation as a blatant disrespect for the sovereignty of other countries and for the US’s international obligations,” he insisted.

Washington and Moscow have also accused each other of weakening nuclear non-proliferation architecture and increasing the risk of nuclear war.

In this sense, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterreswarned again that “nuclear risk has reached its highest point in decades” and that the entire collective security system is under threat.

“Our world has been fractured by geopolitical divisions, conflicts and instability. From military coups to interstate conflicts, invasions and wars that drag on year after year. The lingering differences between the major world powers – including in this Council – continue to limit our ability to collectively respond,” he complained.

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Source: EITB


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