It remains unstable – In addition to thunder and rain, there is also sweltering heat


The next few days are unstable: Experts expect a lot of rain and thunderstorms over the weekend, the sun is only longer on Saturday. Especially the mountains can expect heavy rain. The new week starts with a change of sun and clouds, but the showers are inevitable. Temperatures rise to 30 degrees, it gets hot and stuffy.

Of the Freitag starts with fog fields or deep clouds, especially in the inner Alps and in the Danube region. Otherwise, the sun can be seen, from noon cumulus clouds appear, especially over the mountains and hills. There are also isolated downpours and thunderstorms. There is a risk of heavy rainfall in the shower cubicles. Aside from the showers, the wind will be light. Early temperatures are twelve to 19 degrees, daily maximum temperatures of 24 to 30 degrees.

The morning starts with some fog and high fog in the basin Saturday, in the northwest already scattered rain can fall. After the rain, the sun reigns in many parts of the country. However, this does not last long. Soon there will be more showers and thunderstorms of varying strength, starting from the hills and mountains. The day starts with 13 to 20 degrees and goes up to 22 to 28 degrees.

ben Sunday the weather is getting restless again. In the southeast and on the north side of the Alps there will be rain showers, which will spread during the day. Occasional thunderstorms are possible. The west and northeast remain the driest, with the least precipitation. The wind blows lightly, but can become strong during thunderstorms. The temperatures in the morning are between 13 and 19 degrees, the daily maximum temperature is 22 to 28 degrees.

The week starts with a change of sun and clouds assembly. Showers are possible during the day, isolated thunderstorms. It can rain a lot, especially in the mountains, while it often remains dry in the lowlands. In the morning the temperatures are twelve to 18 degrees and during the day they rise to 22 to 29 degrees.

Of the Tuesday is prone to showers and thunderstorms in some places. This mainly affects the southeast. In the west of the country, on the other hand, it looks sunny and dry. The wind is weak everywhere. The day starts with eleven to 17 degrees, but during the day the temperature rises to 24 to 29 degrees.

Source: Krone


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