Agreement with Putin – Belarus: Fighter Planes Converted for Nuclear Weapons


Agreement with Putin – Belarus: Fighter Planes Converted for Nuclear Weapons

The former Soviet Republic of Belarus has now converted fighter jets for nuclear weapons. The conversion of the machines had been agreed with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko said Friday.

“Everything is ready,” Lukashenko said, according to state news agency Belta. Given the increasing tensions with the West, Belarus is thus able to respond to threats in various ways. In detail, these are Sukhoi Su-24 combat aircraft that can now be equipped with nuclear weapons.

United States to move military technology
With the threats, Lukashenko mainly referred to the United States, which he says is currently moving military technology to Eastern Europe. “They need to understand that if they continue to confront them, it will be planes not helicopters that will save them. At a meeting in St. Petersburg, I and Putin announced that we would also convert Belarusian Su planes to carry nuclear weapons.”

Lukashenko has repeatedly claimed in the past that Poland and other countries also pose a threat to Belarus. However, there is no evidence for this. Belarus, often referred to as Europe’s last ‘dictatorship’, is backing Russia in its war against Ukraine. For example, the government provides military bases from which Ukraine is attacked. Economic dependence on Russia could play a role.

Source: Krone


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