Acquittal for Postler – According to the verdict: Lying in contact tracing allowed


Corona contact tracing has been one of the most important tools in the fight against the pandemic for two years – now everything is suddenly different. Contact tracing has largely been discontinued and, on the other hand, the Supreme Court has now surprisingly acquitted a Carinthian (39) who had given false information about his Covid illness.

The 39-year-old was one of several suspects who have ended up in court since the start of the corona pandemic for “deliberately endangering people through communicable diseases”. The returnee from Kosovo was also accused of giving false information about his Covid illness. Specifically, in July 2020, he refused to provide information to two medical officials about which bus he had used to travel to Carinthia and also gave false information during contact tracing.

The regional court in Klagenfurt has therefore sentenced the postman to a combination of fines and a suspended prison sentence.

No specific hazard
The man came to terms with it, but the judiciary internally did not. The Procurate General, obliged to uphold the law, brought the Carinthian verdict to the Supreme Court two years after the “law”. And surprisingly, he acquitted the convict last week. “Providing false information in contact tracing is generally not appropriate to address the specific risk of spreading the disease,” it says. You could also say: lying is allowed!

What consequences does this decision have for current cases? A similar case from Velden will be heard in Klagenfurt on Wednesday. Court spokesman Christian Liebhauser: “Of course you will have to look at this in light of the OGH judgment.” In addition, contact tracing has now largely been stopped and everything is different…

Source: Krone


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