NHS ‘predatory’ psychologist has been written off for ‘sexually motivated’ behaviour.


Evans worked as a psychiatrist on the NHS Croydon community forensic team based in Queens Resource Centre.

An NHS psychiatrist has been dubbed the ‘predator’ after he was hacked on suspicion of trying to seduce a heterosexual male patient. Michael Evans, a practicing psychiatrist with the NHS Croydon Community Forensic Team from 2017 to 2019, specializes in the curative care of adults with mental health issues and has been treating an unnamed male patient during that time.

A jury in HCPTS was told that Evans was trying to prevent a man with a child from seeing women, including the mother, while he was trying to have sex with a patient. He bombarded the patient with “hundreds” of text messages, took him several times to McDonald’s and gave him gifts like a bicycle, TV, and a 60-60 shopping voucher.

Evans also took secret pictures without the man’s permission, offered to take her to a Fat Boy Slim party, went to the patient’s lounge to “sit and watch”, made sexual advances and tried to encourage a “weak” man. “LGBTQ + Farm” near Brighton. As a result, Evans lost his license to practice the profession and was labeled a “predator” by the jury.

The patient wasn’t sure if Evans was gay, but he felt “uncomfortable” and thought Evans would “come with him,” despite repeatedly being told by the psychiatrist that he was straight. She said Evans was “trying to prevent him from having any romantic relationship with women” and “trying to convince him that his relationship with women was bad.”

Evans also told the patient that a woman “doesn’t suit him” and tried to convince the man to see his son, his friends, or his mother. Evans also went home suddenly, frequently and uninvited, which left the man “odd” and his constant behavior “shattered” his confidence in the NHS.

The court’s report stated: “This is what the council approved [the patient] became weaker. Evans achieved this by undermining his self-confidence [NHS] The team then removes it from its holder.

He also called on her to distance herself from her son and women in general. The texts showed the patient’s sense of guilt and confusion that Evans found and invoked this painting to control the patient who, as a result, became progressively more vulnerable.

The committee concluded [it was] Every bit of Evans’ deliberate behavior aimed at isolating him is more vulnerable and dependent on him. The jury of all circumstances concluded that Evans’ behavior, as it turned out, was all for the sake of his future sexual relationship. It turns out that all this behavior was sexually motivated to achieve this goal. “

Evans left the Croydon Community Forensic team in August 2019 and later worked as an external supervisor for five students at the University of London, City of London.


Source: Belfastlive


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