Too few caregivers – child cramps in his sleep: rescue at the last minute


That a three-year-old is still alive is thanks to his guardian angel and the caretakers – who urgently ask for more staff.

Anna wishes to remain anonymous. With heart and soul and for ten years the manager of a daycare center in Carinthia. “But the way everyday life works in primary education institutions cannot stay that way!” she says, describing in the “Krone” interview what happened a few days ago. “A three-year-old child had a neurological emergency while taking a nap. If a caretaker hadn’t noticed this right away and if the rescue chain hadn’t worked right away, the angel might not be with us anymore!”

Taking care of the little ones is no longer self-evident
Unfortunately, it is no longer a matter of course that the little ones are constantly looked after. “The staff shortage is so great, the childcare ratio so tight that sometimes a colleague is alone with all the children and can only keep an eye on some with a baby monitor. Something urgently needs to change!”

Three teachers for ten children
In her experience, three teachers would be optimal for ten small children, with the older one, one teacher would work well with seven children. We are still a long way from such dream quotas, even if the Carinthian state policy promises improvements.

Source: Krone


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