The police were looking for him – After an alcohol accident, Lenker relaxed in a sauna club


Instead of stopping after a traffic accident, a 57-year-old from Linz just drove off and digested the shock in his own special way – namely in a sauna club.

On Monday afternoon around 12:27 p.m., the driver collided with a traffic sign on the A7 junction southbound. Shortly after the Bindermichl tunnel, the accident driver stopped and apparently inspected his damaged car. An observant driver noticed the accident and the man’s strange behavior and alerted the police.

However, when a patrol arrived at the accident site, there was no trace of the car. And nobody was to be found at the home address of the registration owner. Finally, officials reached the 57-year-old on the phone. At that time, the man from Linz was already in a sauna club in Leonding.

Lane assistance was defective
For the official act, he then had to interrupt his “relaxation session” and explained to the officers that the accident only happened because his lane assistant was defective. However, an alcohol test performed showed the most obvious cause of the accident: 1.76 per thousand. The driver’s license was taken from the man. After the official act, the 57-year-old went back to the sauna club and continued to relax.

Source: Krone


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