Thousands of people take to the streets in Argentina to condemn the assassination attempt


The Plaza de Mayo was the major epicenter of the demonstrations, convened by organizations close to the ruling party on a day declared a national holiday by the government to encourage mobilization

Under the slogan “With the Flag to Defend Democracy,” thousands of people demonstrated across Argentina this Friday to condemn the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The major epicenter of the protests was Plaza de Mayo, in the capital Buenos Aires, where a crowd with banners and portraits of the former Peronist president expressed its rejection of the “attack”.

The appeal, launched by political and trade union organizations close to the ruling party, resulted in a human tide that became visible across the country after the government declared the day a national holiday so that “the people can express themselves in peace and harmony in defense of life,” argued the president, Alberto Fernández.

The assassination attempt, committed Thursday night by a 35-year-old Brazilian citizen with a criminal record, has managed to unite Argentina, a politically fractured country plunged into a very serious economic crisis due to runaway debt and inflation. The denial of violence has been imposed and, despite the disagreements, most of the political arc has strongly disapproved of what has happened, including former conservative president Mauricio Macri, leader of the opposition. The powerful industrial union, which unites companies and employers’ chambers, as well as the Supreme Court, also added their convictions.

“I’m going to Plaza de Mayo firstly to support democracy, secondly to support Cristina so she knows we’re here, and thirdly, to see if the Argentines wake up and understand that this path is not going,” he said. AFP Adriana Spina, 61-year-old retired teacher who usually does not participate in demonstrations.

Source: La Verdad


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