Poor supplies – Kiev: Russian regiment refuses to fight


Poor supplies – Kiev: Russian regiment refuses to fight

As Ukrainian troops gain ground in the south of the country, morale among parts of the Russian armed forces is declining. According to the Ukrainian army, the 127th Regiment of the 1st Army Corps refused to fight. The reason for this is the poor supply, including a lack of water. The regiment was stationed in the Kherson region – where the Ukrainian counter-offensive is now rolling. Meanwhile, Russia is concentrating on the advance in the east.

According to the Ukrainian Task Force “South”, Russian counterintelligence has taken action against the troops on Monday and removed them from their positions. According to the American think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the 127th regiment was formed in early April in the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk from forcibly mobilized soldiers.

Inexperienced soldiers at the front
On the first day of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the then-formed 109th Regiment is said to have withdrawn from the battlefield, according to Ukrainian military information. The ISW assumes that the Russian armed forces are now strengthening their frontline positions with inexperienced and forcibly mobilized elements that lack the will to fight.

Despite the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south of the country, according to British information, Russia is still concentrating on advancing in the east in its war of aggression. The main axes of the Russian advance are near Avdiivka north of the city of Donetsk and around the city of Bakhmut further north, the Defense Ministry in London said Monday, citing its secret services.

Russian goal: a “liberated” Donbass
It is true that the Russian troops have recently had the most success in this area. However, they were only advancing towards Bachmut for a kilometer a week. The reason for the concentration on eastern Ukraine is the political goal of conquering the entire Donetsk region. Then the Kremlin could announce the “liberation” of the entire Donbass region, the ministry said. However, the outlook is poor. “Russian forces have very likely repeatedly missed deadlines to achieve this goal.”

The ministry quoted Ukrainian authorities as saying that Russian units should now complete the task by September 15. “It is highly unlikely that the force will achieve this, which in turn will further complicate Russia’s plans to hold referendums on the accession of the occupied territories to the Russian Federation.”

Source: Krone


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