New gas suppliers – Serbia frees itself from Russian dependency


Serbia is currently doing everything it can to reduce its dependence on Russia and get new gas suppliers. Reason: The country is currently 100 percent dependent on Russian gas.

There is currently a contract for two billion cubic meters of gas. However, according to Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Mining Zorana Mihajlovic, Serbia will need 3.5 billion cubic meters at the end of the heating season.

“We did not impose sanctions on Russia, but voted for the Human Declaration. The biggest problem is that we have not diversified (in the purchase of gas, ed.)”, said the deputy prime minister. “It will therefore be very difficult, as for any energy minister.”

‘Will spend two billion euros on gas’
Serbia has rented a natural gas storage facility with a capacity of 500 million cubic meters. In Serbia, the state owns 49 percent of a storage facility and 51 percent is owned by Russia’s Gazprom. Serbia has 280 million cubic meters there. “We are going to spend two billion euros on gas,” says Mihaijlovic. For electricity, it could be another two billion.

From September next year, up to 40 percent of the gas will come from outside Russia. A line to North Macedonia should be ready in two years. Another line to Romania is planned.

But there is also a need for a change in the power supply: about 70 percent of electricity production comes from old coal-fired power stations with associated emissions of polluting substances. The Deputy Prime Minister said it was necessary to switch to sustainable energy production here.

Source: Krone


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