Yolanda Díaz proposes setting a price limit for basic foods


The price limit would apply to bread, milk, eggs and fruit, among other things. The minister has argued that “someone” gradually gets rich and uses the war as an excuse.

Euskaraz irakurri: Oinarrizko elikagaien prezioa mugatzea proposatu du Yolanda Diazek

The Vice-President of the Spanish Government, Yolanda Díaz, has opened the door to the creation of a price limit in staple foods, as stated to elDiario.es.

Díaz explained that he is working on an agreement with distributors and consumers. In his words, that agreement would consist of: determine a basket of raw materials and maximum prices, just as they have done with gas and other materials. These products would include bread, milk, eggs and fruit.

The minister has indicated that the companies buy the oranges from the growers for 15 cents, after which the citizens pay them for 1.48 euros. He added that the same is happening with other products such as garlic, reaching supermarkets with an increase of almost 800%.

Faced with this price increase, Díaz has argued that: “someone” gets rich on the road, using the war as an excuse.

In this regard, he has pointed out that they have not yet met with the major food distributors, but that they will.

Likewise, the vice president has stated that it is necessary to: trading with business margins. According to a report from the Bank of Spain, business sales in Spain increased by 45% and profits by 62%. That is why he says there is room to capitalize on the advantages of companies.

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Source: EITB


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