Even Republicans can be Elizabethans


The British admire the woman who occupied the throne more than the Crown herself and now Enrique and Meghan are the most valued in the family

“Even Republicans like me can be very Elizabethan, and in my case they are.” The term was around before Malcolm Turnbull, then Prime Minister of Australia, popularized it after meeting Queen Elizabeth II in 2017, but it’s possible that today, more than ever, it serves to define many Britons. The monarchy is one of the UK’s greatest examples and still enjoys strong popular support. But the polls of recent years show his two major weaknesses: the British admire the head that wore the crown more than the crown itself, the youngest of which are also starting to turn their backs.

A huge generational gap has developed between the British and their traditional support of the royal family. Polls reflect the gradual distancing of the new generations from the monarchy over the years. While the elderly, especially those who have reached retirement age, remain loyal to royalties, four in ten 18-24 year-olds believed by the end of 2021 Britons should be able to elect their head of state.

Scandals such as Prince Andrew – who had ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and who has been accused of abusing a minor – or the racism accusations Prince Harry and his wife Meghan leveled against the royal family in their famous interview with Oprah. Winfrey, have only accentuated this trend.

In her seven decades of reign, Elizabeth II has seen fifteen prime ministers parade. It has been around every major event that most Britons can remember: wars, crises, pandemics. The country changed, but she stayed; immutable, like the incarnation of a myth. And who can live up to a myth? The legacy is certainly hard to overcome for his heirs, especially for the hitherto Prince Charles, who has never enjoyed great public favour.

Subjected to public scrutiny all his life, playing no apparent role other than that of supporting the Queen and waiting her turn, and the protagonist of one of the greatest royal scandals of recent decades – his marital infidelity and the ensuing divorce – Carlos He has not had it easy. Britons of all ages, but especially young people, have a better opinion of their son William, whom they would have liked to see succeeding Elizabeth II, and believe that the couple formed by the now heir and his wife Catherine will be the ones most influential. on the royal family over the next decade.

But while Guillermo generates consensus, his brother Enrique perfectly embodies the great divide that has arisen between the different generations: the elderly don’t take it, but for the young, the Dukes of Sussex remain part of the group of members of the top-rated royal family . With the departure of the couple, who now live in the United States and have renounced their royal titles and duties, many in their twenties feel that the monarchy has missed an opportunity to modernize and revive itself. .

Although they have lost some influence in recent months, the causes they have publicly championed such as mental health and anti-racial discrimination, as well as their desire to be financially independent, are resonating with younger Britons, as the smiling, starched and formal royal family is increasingly strange.

Source: La Verdad


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