Enlightenment and reform – housing scandal: state government finally active


The governor of Salzburg, Wilfried Haslauer, demands a full clarification of the abuses in the Senecura nursing home. After initial reconciliation, State Councilor Heinrich Schellhorn now becomes active: he promises better controls and a reform of the health care law.

“We just can’t have a case like the one in the nursing home in the city of Salzburg. We simply owe it to the elderly and those in need of care to provide them with the best possible care, because we owe a lot to this generation.” With these words, Governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) started the debate on the dramatic conditions in Senecura. nursing home in Salzburg-Lehen.

Devastating conditions at home
The Ombudsman accuses the country – specifically the home supervisor – of being aware of the devastating conditions in the home and of not having done anything about it, the “Krone” reported. State deputy and health care councilor Heinrich Schellhorn (Groenen) resolutely rejects this: “We were close.” Complaints were taken seriously, no serious abuses were found during inspection visits. When the scandal came to light, the country took immediate action and filed a complaint with the prosecutor.

Haslauer demands a report, law reform planned
On Friday, Governor Wilfried Haslauer von Schellhorn immediately asked for a detailed report on the matter. He also has the supervision of the home checked by the internal audit department. “The fact is that something like this should simply not happen in Salzburg. It is therefore necessary to quickly check whether the home guidance is well organized from an organizational point of view,” says Haslauer.

Schellhorn then expressed his understanding: “We will take all necessary measures to prevent such abuses in the future.” An appointment with the management of Senecura is scheduled for Monday. Other providers must also be involved in the measures. A meeting is organized for relatives. In the long term, Schellhorn wants to structurally change home counseling. “In order to increase the frequency of checks and the quality, more staff is needed,” he says. In addition, the health care law must be reformed.

Source: Krone


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