Girls made a find – puppy thrown away in a trash can at a gas station


A puppy was simply thrown in the trash at a rest area near Villach. Three girls made the terrible find.

Little “Piere” attracted attention with loud wailing on Sunday afternoon. “Three girls wanted to go to the toilet at a gas station near Villach and heard crying,” said Lara Monthiel of animal shelter Villach. Then the horrific find: a tiny puppy had simply been thrown away in a garbage can. ‘Pierre’ was full of parasites, but is now on the mend’, the nurse continues.

Pup is now being taken care of in the shelter
“It could be a German Shepherd. He already has small teeth. The shock of his experience still scars him. He is cared for and cherished by us and we hope that over time he will regain trust in people. We will never be able to understand how heartless a human can be,” says the zookeeper annoyed.

Source: Krone


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