Woman (48) dead – illegal ring race ends with fatalities


An illegal car race on Sunday evening at the Schottenring in Vienna ended with one death. A 26-year-old driver from Syria had rammed into another car at too high a speed. The driver, a 48-year-old woman, suffered serious injuries and died a short time later in hospital.

The serious accident happened at the intersection of Schottenring and Wipplingerstrasse. According to the police, the suspect ran across the Schottenring around 7.45 pm and apparently ignored the red traffic light that was on him. He rammed into the car of a 48-year-old driver with full force.

The woman was trapped in the wreckage and had to be freed by the professional fire brigade. She suffered serious injuries and was taken to the emergency room of a hospital after receiving first aid. However, there was no rescue for the victim, who died moments later.

Video shows fatal accident
Witnesses had seen the 26-year-old suspect racing another car. There is also a video of the very dramatic accident. According to the management, this has been taken care of.

A medical officer examined the 26-year-old suspected speeder – and should find the man exhausted. The suspect has been arrested. The accident wrecks have been removed by the fire service. A traffic light pole was also damaged during the collision, which was cut and removed by the fire service, spokesman Lukas Schauer reported. The ring had to be partially closed to traffic and the tram lines also temporarily stopped running.

Source: Krone


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