VP attack against FPÖ – “Abwerzger is the blue parrot of Kickl in Tyrol”


The rift between the Tyrolean People’s Party and the Freedom Party under Markus Abwerzger is widening by the day. Now VP club boss Jakob Wolf is attacking the FP bosses head-on.

A close and deep friendship between black and blue will probably no longer exist in Tyrol. Ever since Anton Mattle excluded the FPÖ under Markus Abwerzger as coalition partner via “Krone”, all dams have been broken. Since then, the blue propaganda machine has been running at full speed. The highlight was the FP poster “Duell um Tirol”, which depicted Abwerzger as a brightly colored man and Mattle as a black and white “Mandl”.

It remains to be seen who will ultimately benefit from this type of election advertising. Many citizens have little sympathy for such defamatory posters, which is why numerous readers have already contacted the “Krone”.

“People in Tyrol have a choice”
After the start of the blue campaign on Saturday night (according to FP 500 people took part live and another 2000 via livestream), in which the Abwerzger/Kickl duo attacked the Tyrolean blacks in the usual way, VP club president Jakob Wolf publicly fired back. “The Tyrolean state elections on September 25 will be an absolute milestone decision for our state. People have a choice between a bourgeois Tyrol and a policy of the center with a governor Anton Mattle, or a far-right governor Markus Abwerzger of Kickls Grace, who relies on polarization, aggression, division and hate speech and with climate change deniers. and you are”, Wolf didn’t mince his words.

He was appalled at how the Tyrolean FPÖ had radicalized under Abwerzger in recent years. Abwerzger has gone from being a moderate blue to an ideological arsonist who apparently does everything he can to please Herbert Kickl and the far-right wing of the FPÖ. “Abwerzger is nothing more than Kickl’s blue parrot in Tyrol!”

District chief has resigned from the party
It is also a fact that the blue Tyrolean base is currently more than simmering – recently the Imst FP district boss Johann “Giovanni” Grüner from Sölden gave up everything because he was tired of the authoritarian management style. It will therefore be interesting to see how long the Tyrolean FPÖ chairman can keep the lid on. The list of those to whom something has been promised in the party but nothing has been given is getting longer every day.

Source: Krone


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