The seriously injured worker in Ituren dies in hospital on September 11, 2022


The train driver fell from a height of four meters on Friday when he was placing an awning on a balcony in the town of Navarra. He was 44 years old and was a neighbor of Donamaria.

The 44-year-old worker who was seriously injured last Friday after falling from a balcony Ituren (Navarre) has passed away this Sunday, according to union sources. This death brings the number of workers killed in industrial accidents in Euskal Herria so far this year to 56, according to the ELA union tally. In Navarre alone, according to the UGT, 11 people have died in accidents at work (according to the central abertzale there are 13).

The incident took place on Friday morning, when the operator, resident of Donamaria, fell from a height of four meters while installing an awning on a balcony. He was immediately consciously transferred to the University Hospital of Navarra, although he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, where he remained until yesterday.

In a statement, the Federation of Industry, Construction and Agriculture (FICA) of Navarre UGT regrets this incident and the incident that occurred at a cement factory in Olayti, and expresses its regret and condolences to the families and relatives of both workers. Both deaths confirm the urgency of improving occupational safety and health, providing adequate training and information on prevention to workers, and strengthening the Labor Inspectorate’s resources to ensure compliance by companies. “Accidents at work must be an objective of the first social and political order of government,” he added.

In another statement, the union said THE Awho also expresses his condolences, has questioned employers and the Labor Inspectorate to underline that “stopping the number of accidents is not only a matter of responsibility, but also a matter of will, and unfortunately neither the employers nor the government show real will to
take action and turn the situation around”. First, he denounces that “companies prioritize production over risk reduction, and that it is cheaper to break the law than to invest in training, safety procedures and protective equipment”. Labor Health, says it ” practically collapsed, and the Labor Inspectorate, with a staff of 15 people and dependent on the state, needless to say”.

LABORATORY, in a note, has focused on being self-employed, who, as he has denounced, is “not protected by occupational health regulations”. As directed by the factory, the operator fell from a ladder that doubled the allowable height. In this sense, it was asked how it is possible that the law does not protect this type of employee and has called on the government of Nafarroa to “take the necessary measures to protect also the self-employed, so that they also have these and these employees in working conditions protocols”.

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Source: EITB


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