Fund in Hamburg – 2.3 tons of cocaine seized: 58-year-old arrested


German police have arrested a suspected drug smuggler from Cologne who allegedly traded cocaine on a large scale. The 58-year-old is said to be the alleged organizer of a delivery of 2.3 tons of cocaine, which officials of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in collaboration with Hamburg customs had already seized on August 31.

The delivery from Peru has been brought to Hamburg with the knowledge of the authorities. The BKA and customs knew on which ship the drug was hidden, says a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor of Hamburg.

Four moneylenders arrested in Peru
The agents opened the container in Hamburg and extracted some of the cocaine that was supposed to go to the suspect’s company. Subsequently, with the knowledge of the Dutch authorities, the container with the remaining amount of drugs was brought to Rotterdam via Cologne. Four moneylenders were arrested in Peru.

The amount of cocaine is unusually large, but does not constitute a record find. In February 2021, customs officers in Hamburg discovered 16 tons of cocaine in containers from Paraguay. It is said to be the largest amount of cocaine ever seized in Europe.

Source: Krone


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