Bad Conditions – “Krone” at Horrorstall in Lower Austria: Dead Animals Everywhere


Another animal welfare scandal: The Association Against Animal Factories (VGT) exposed massive abuses at a fattening farm in Lower Austria, which authorities had already targeted in 2013. Sheep, goats and cattle are kept in appalling conditions and day in and day out in their own excrement. There is at least one carcass in each bay. First impressions were so bad that “Krone” animal expert Maggie Entenfellner immediately drove to the crime scene to see for himself.

Yes – there are small “islands” in the horror stable, which must also contain straw – but it is not recognizable. Instead, the young cows have to stand in their feces and lie in the slurry all day. There are more than 100 animals in total on the farm – these are cattle. sheep and goats. The video released by the VGT (below) is really not for the faint of heart.

Partly mummified carcasses everywhere
The fur of many animals is completely sticky and soiled with feces and urine. The four-legged friends are extremely weak and thin, in almost every bay one or more dead animals can be found. There are countless cadavers in various stages: newly dead, mummified, skeletonized. In the middle of the stables, clearly visible. So it’s no wonder that the company fills several bins a week for the removal of animals.

The court was already known to the authorities!
The current recordings are from August and September 2022 and have been made available anonymously to the VGT. After a short investigation, it became clear that this company had already been reported in 2013 and that the allegations were virtually the same at the time. The circumstances and the operation were even discussed publicly in 2013, so the authorities have known the circumstances there for at least nine years! The then deputy district captain was very familiar with the subject and had even announced a possible ban on keeping animals, which of course was not implemented.

Entenfellner: “It couldn’t get any worse!”
On September 9, the VGT reported this again to the responsible city district council, on the same day an inspection by the district took place. A protest action also took place on Tuesday for the company and for the responsible district. “My stomach turned when I saw the photos,” said Krone animal expert Maggie Entenfellner, shocked. She immediately drove to the scene of the incident. “It doesn’t get any worse than that!”

“Krone Tierecke” takes care of cats
The “Krone Tierecke” also filed a complaint against numerous unneutered stray cats on the farm – these are now captured with the help of dedicated animal rights activists and, after successful veterinary treatment, housed in the “Krone” cat house. Entenfellner: “We asked both the operator of the horror yard and the district captain for comments. Unfortunately, no one wanted to speak to us on site.”

First successes thank you “crown“-animal corner
Entenfellner eventually came into contact with animal welfare councilor Gottfried Waldhäusl, who was immediately willing to make a spontaneous appointment. In an initial response, he said he would immediately try to clarify the allegations. He expressed his regret to the animal expert “Krone” that he felt sorry for the well-working farmers, who were portrayed in a bad light by such reports. Still, he wanted to know who in the particular case was looking the other way and responsible – ads should follow. He announced that he wanted to put the animals out of their misery as soon as possible.

Source: Krone


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