Abortion in Hungary – women should listen to the heartbeat of the embryo


Abortion in Hungary – women should listen to the heartbeat of the embryo

Women who want to have an abortion in Hungary will have to listen to the heartbeat of the embryo in their abdomen from Thursday. According to this provision, when requesting an abortion, a woman must henceforth present a doctor’s certificate from a specialist, according to which “the factors indicating the existence of the vital functions of the embryo have been clearly brought to her attention” .

This is apparent from a regulation by Minister of the Interior Sandor Pinter, which was published in the Hungarian Official Gazette on Tuesday evening. In Hungary there is a time limit for abortions. Women can refer to a personal crisis situation up to the twelfth week.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been in power since 2010, likes to present himself as a champion of Christian values ​​and the ideal of the traditional family. At the same time, the right-wing populist is aware that an almost comprehensive ban on abortion – as in Poland, which is ruled by right-wing nationalism – would be extremely unpopular in his country.

However, according to women’s rights organizations, the most recent tightening increases the pressure on women, who are already in an extremely difficult situation due to an unwanted pregnancy.

The idea of ​​making listening to the embryonic heartbeat a prerequisite for an abortion dates back to the far-right Mi Hazank (Our Home) party. The group first entered parliament after last April’s elections. Although it belongs to the opposition, it repeatedly receives encouragement and support in the media close to the government.

In Austria, abortion after counseling in the first three months after conception is not punishable.

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