Flights from Belgrade – Germans worried about increasing numbers of migrants


In addition to Austria, Germany also registers more arrested migrants coming to Western Europe via the Balkans every week. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) expressed concern about the latest development on Tuesday.

Apparently, many of the migrants entered the Serbian capital Belgrade, including through the airport there, and then made their way to Germany, Faeser told Welt TV on Tuesday. She announced talks with Serbia about “why migration has suddenly increased”.

Conversations also with the Czech Republic and Austria
“We are seeing an increase in migration via the Czech Republic, via Austria – also to Germany,” the minister said. “I’ve already talked to my two colleagues about what we can do together,” says Faeser.

The federal government is helping with housing with its own real estate, the interior minister said. “So far we still have enough capacity, but it is very tight.” That is why she invited the municipal umbrella organizations to her ministry to discuss how to proceed.

Source: Krone


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