Real’s 1×1 against Bayern


White Lettuce

He avoided 0-2 with a remarkable intervention and stopped everything with great security. Schüller’s goal sold well.

Poljak anchored

Very concentrated to tie Simon to his additions.

Millimeter Roof

Very accurate in its short and long delivery. He squeezed as hard as he could.

Tanned Spect

Maturity is noticeable. Aggressively, he boldly released the ball with both feet. Schüller met his back to goal.

Barnabas is busy

Gwinn and Dallmann came in like planes and killed to bail. He had energy left for the game before 0-1, with a pass to Gaby. He percussed until the end.

Iris intervenes

He tried to pause, but he had no spark and soon saw a yellow card that conditioned his entries.

Omnipresent Gaby

Comfortable to counter the physical play of the Germans, he evacuated balls from the top and almost scored 1-0. Punished by an early and unfair yellow card, he traced a perfect pass to Amaiur

Standard Gemma

Always the best solution. It also fell to the left.

Headed by Nerea Eizagirre

A free verse ahead of the trivote, Real was oxygenated when he found him between the lines. He created the first three chances, led the offense until the end and hit the ball on the crossbar.

Francis Brake

The game asked him to enter space, but when he received it he was stuck on the band and very far from the goal.

Jensen sucks

Guerrera looking for the ball surrounded by rivals, innocently shot a free shot with 0-1.

The changes

Andreia is powerful

Muscle for the spinal cord, he is intoning in the passes.

Poisonous Lover

He changed everything with his strength and that talent for receiving between the lines and running in space. He assisted Nerea and almost scored 1-1 in the 88th minute.

Le Guilly Resource

Real want the tie.

Maddi was awarded

Last minutes for standing ovation

Source: La Verdad


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