Fridays for Future – call for strike in the dried up Zicksee


Fridays for Future – call for strike in the dried up Zicksee

Under the motto “Leave a demo instead of going under!” people mobilized in Burgenland on Friday for the global climate strike. A plan is finally needed on how to extinguish crises in Austria instead of fueling them.

The location was of course not chosen by chance – until mid-July fish were still frolicking in the Zicksee, today it is completely dry. The desert landscape is therefore a depressing symbol that the climate crisis is not a future scenario, but the sad present.

Global Climate Strike
On Tuesday, representatives of the Poverty Conference, Scientists For Future and Fridays For Future gathered in St. Andrä to call for a global climate strike on September 23.

“Blocking climate protection is a loud no to peace and energy security,” says Klara König of Fridays For Future. “We finally need a plan in Austria on how to switch from crisis fuels to crisis extinguishers. Apparently they are not interested in solutions.”

climate change visible
According to scientist Daniel Huppmann, the effects of global warming are already visible in Austria. “Therefore, we need swift, binding steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and measures to adapt to the impacts that can no longer be prevented.”

Protesters will fill the streets of seven capitals on Friday. Eisenstadt and Bregenz do not mobilize.

Source: Krone


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