Airborne oil tank – dead in explosion at a refinery in Argentina


At least three people have been killed in an explosion at an oil refinery in Argentina. That said the mayor of the city of Plaza Huincul in the province of Neuquén on Thursday on radio station LU5.

In the morning hours, for initially unknown reasons, an oil tank exploded at the refinery of the New American Oil company in the province of Neuquén. Firefighters had the fire under control a few hours later.

The union of oil workers in the provinces of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa went on strike after the accident. “We are tired of exposing these situations over and over again. How many more men and women will have to die before companies realize that it is not possible to continue operating in this way?” the union wrote on Twitter. “It is time to end the greed that overpowers profits the life of the workers.”

Source: Krone


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