The rumor grows at the UN to punish Russia for its crimes in Ukraine


Security Council denounces Moscow ‘implementing terror against civilians as a tactic of war’

“The fundamental problem is liability.” It was summed up this Thursday by the High Representative of European Diplomacy, Josep Borrell, whose brief and direct intervention ended a long and tense Security Council meeting during which the uproar grew to punish Russia for its crimes and atrocities. committed in Ukraine.

Seven months after the troops invaded the neighboring country and failed in their attempt to take the capital to overthrow the government, the appearance of mass graves and indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets have made it clear that “given their inability to counter the resistance of the Ukrainian Army “Russia has implemented terror against civilians as a tactic of war,” concluded Polish Ambassador to the UN, Krzystof Szczerski.

Every time the Russian army withdraws from a city, mass graves and torture chambers appear. The international community, represented in the UN, is making it clearer every day that the disappearance of civilians, summary executions, sexual abuse and forced migration cannot go unpunished. “If these heinous crimes, committed in the light of the day, go unpunished, the Council must think about the message it is sending,” warned India’s ambassador to the UN Indra Mani Pandey. His country was paradoxically one of 35 countries that did not condemn the invasion in the General Assembly vote last March, after Russia vetoed the initiative in the highest body of the Security Council.

Russia is becoming increasingly isolated. Only Belarus openly supports it in the body created to ensure world peace, where China plays neutrality. “How many more have to die before President Putin decides to silence his weapons?” Borrell wondered. The question hovered in the air of a meeting dominated and haunted by the combative actions of the protagonist, who did not attend the forum.

Source: La Verdad


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