Forensic scientists among themselves – “CSI Ukraine” looks over the shoulder of investigative experts


Forensic experts from the Ukrainian police are currently looking over the shoulders of experts from the Federal Criminal Police Office in Vienna.

Austrian and Ukrainian investigative authorities have been working closely together for years, but the current visit of a delegation from the war-torn country has a tragic background. The focus of the multi-day meeting is, among other things, the subject of DVI (Disaster Victim Identification).

Basically, it’s about quick and competent identification of human remains in major events such as plane crashes or environmental disasters. The Austrian experts in this field enjoy a high reputation beyond the borders of Europe.

Digging mass graves in the recaptured areas is a particularly arduous task for Ukrainian forensic scientists. The exchange of experiences in Vienna mainly focuses on the technical equipment for 3D crime scene models, drones and DNA management.

Source: Krone


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