Meeting between María Chivite, president of Navarra, and the new president of Volkswagen Navarra


The president of the government of Navarra has a meeting this Friday with the new president of Volkswagen Navarra, Michael Hobusch.

The President of the Government of Navarre, María Chivitehold this friday meeting with the new president of Volkswagen Navarra, Michael Hobuschwho’s going to ask one commitment to maintaining employment at the Landaben factory.

Chivite has told the media in an institutional law that the Foral government “throughout its history has guided, supported and created a context for the Volkswagen company to develop and grow”.

“That’s what the government of Navarra is doing from minute one,” emphasized the president, who believed that Volkswagen should also “be committed to the whole Foral community and to employment in the Foral community”.

The president has emphasized that these are the approaches she will pass on to the new Volkswagen Navarra president, who will ask her to “continue to work hand in hand” and have “joint responsibility” with employment: “We with them, but they also with us”.

Chivite regretted that this Thursday an initiative could not be approved in the Parliament of Navarre collecting a text, approved by all trade unions of the Volkswagen Works Committee, for the House to “explain its willingness to cooperate” with the social representation and the management of the factory, to ensure the interests of the same and its suppliers.

“Indeed, the works council has adopted a text that all political forces have signed, with the exception of Navarra Suma, and that is the text that I understand should have been approved,” the chairman said.

Navarra Suma, he added, “didn’t think it was appropriate to accept that amendment proposed by the Company Committee and so it didn’t come through. I think it was used politically.”

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Source: EITB


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