“Already planned” – No place for Ukrainian artists on benefits


A family of Ukrainian artists who have fled and stayed with friends near Baden is disappointed: they would like to perform at the benefit concert in the municipal theater of the district capital and draw attention to their situation. But there is no place for the Ukrainians on the podium where, under the motto “Give Peace a Chance”, money is being collected for affected war victims. It was “planned substantively”, the organizer said that no time slot, however small, was free for those affected.

According to the website, the benefit concert at the Stadttheater Baden is intended to be “a clear sign of helpfulness and solidarity” – but there is no room for those actually affected by the Russian invasion. The top artist family fled the capital Kiev two weeks ago – with their seven-year-old daughter Alisa and four-month-old son Makar – and have one big wish: to continue their work as artists in the country they fled to. skilled.

In their homeland, Ievgeniia and her husband Mikhail Sozonov are celebrated stars who also regularly appear on television. But the organizers of the benefit concert apparently do not depend on the talent of the artist family. When a friend of the family asked about it, the only answer was that the concert was “already fully planned in terms of content”. The refugees’ offer to spend a few minutes describing their personal experiences firsthand was also declined.

“Their art is all they have left”
Florian Karlreiter, a friend of the family, has been supporting the artists since the start of their flight. “If I do a benefit concert and there is no place for refugees, then it all goes in the wrong direction,” says the Viennese angrily. Trying to support the family, he has also written a letter to singer Christina Stürmer asking if she can sacrifice a few minutes of her stage time. “Their art is all they have left”, Karlsreiter, who also lives in Pfaffstätten, does not want to give up.

Safe place for bombs: children had to sleep in bathtubs
The family fled their homeland with a heavy heart and waited until the last moment. “We made the decision to flee when the constant bombardment forced us to put our children to bed in the bathtub to protect them as best we could from any ricochets or bomb splinters,” said Mikhail, who was the deciding factor in to flee. Everyone was only allowed to bring a small bag – even the grandmother of the children and the family dog ​​had to be left behind in Ukraine. “Grandma told us that the furniture had risen a few centimeters when the mall was bombed. We knew then that it was wise to flee,” says Ievgeniia, describing the dramatic situation.

“Every time we see images of destroyed cities, villages and civilians killed, we are almost desperate,” said Mikhail. They hope to return home as soon as possible. “We are waiting impatiently for the day when we can start on our homeland”, the family shows that they have not lost their optimism yet.

Source: Krone


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