Manhunt for perpetrators – Young women spy on seniors’ PINs


Several pensioners in Upper Austria and Vorarlberg have already been harmed by two young women. The perpetrators first secretly spy on the PIN code, then talk to their victims and steal their plastic cards. Then a lot of money is withdrawn.

The procedure is perfidious and ingenious. The young perpetrators target older victims, which is why they prefer to go to the supermarket in the early morning. There they select retirees, behind whom a perpetrator is standing in line at the cash register. During the debit card payment process, she can spy on the victim’s PIN.

The young woman then deliberately enters into a conversation with the elderly person. While the person concerned is distracted, perpetrator number two steals his debit card. With this loot, a trial purchase is made immediately afterwards, initially only in a small amount. If successful, larger amounts are immediately withdrawn and purchases are made with a significantly higher purchase value.

Five digit damage
One of the victims was a 67-year-old from Regau, who was cheated by the women in a supermarket in Vöcklabruck at the end of August and lost 3,700 euros. There were other victims in Wels, Linz, Pregarten, Gmunden, Vorchdorf and St. Georgen/A. and Dornbirn. The damage is more than €20,000. Mugshots of both perpetrators now exist. The police are asking for relevant information.

Source: Krone


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