MEPs involved – Elections in Italy: Meloni and the “Night of Redemption”


After the parliamentary elections in Italy, she has the best cards to succeed Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Right-wing nationalist Giorgia Meloni could become the country’s first head of government. Early forecasts indicate a clear election victory for the centre-right alliance around the election favorite and right-wing politician. Meloni claimed to be forming a government on Tuesday night. MEPs are concerned about the victory of the legal alliance. Meloni is a danger to constructive cooperation and could even become a “catastrophe for Europe”.

Meloni sees the government mandate in the right-wing camp led by her party. Based on the first forecasts, it can be said that the Italians have sent a clear signal to the polls, Meloni said in Rome on Tuesday morning. She spoke of a “night of pride” and a “night of redemption”. According to forecasts, Allianz should get 41.1 of the vote. According to the electoral system, this percentage is sufficient to obtain the majority of votes in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

Meloni wants to “unite the people”
She told her followers that they were not at the place of arrival, but at the place of departure. Now unity is needed to tackle the many problems in the country. “If we are called to rule this nation, we will do so for all Italians, with the aim of uniting the people and promoting what unites and not what divides,” Meloni told reporters. The trust of voters will not be violated.

MEPs worry about right-wing coalition victory
Leading MEPs warn, however, of a government in Rome led by the right-wing nationalist party Melonis. “Giorgia Meloni becomes a prime minister whose political role models are Viktor Orbán and Donald Trump. The election victory of the alliance of right-wing parties in Italy is therefore worrying,” European Parliament Vice-President Katharina Barley (SPD) told “Welt”.

Danger for constructive cooperation in Europe
Meloni’s campaign, tactical lip service to Europe, cannot hide the fact that it poses a threat to constructive coexistence in Europe. “With her, the autocrats get a lobbyist in the Council, i.e. the representation of the 27 EU member states, to throw a spanner in the works for the EU.” Barley called on parties in the European Parliament and EU countries to avoid Rome’s disruptive maneuvers from the start to resist.

Meloni could become “a disaster for Europe”
The co-leader of the European Greens, Austrian Thomas Waitz, told the “Welt” that the EU can only function if it sticks together, for example in cooperation on energy markets, in decisions on sanctions against Russia or in dealing with the coronavirus. Crisis. “Meloni, on the other hand, would rely on national solo efforts, it could be a disaster for Europe.”

Social Democrats want the opposition in
The Social Democrats have admitted defeat and want to join the opposition, said Debora Serracchiani, leader of the Partito Democratico (PD) in the House of Representatives.

Source: Krone


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