US and South Korea – Four Day Maneuvers to Deter North Korea


The US and South Korean navies have embarked on joint maneuvers to deter North Korea. The four-day exercise off the Korean peninsula was intended to demonstrate the determination of both allies to “respond to North Korean provocations,” the South Korean navy said Monday. It also aims to improve the ability of both navies to conduct joint operations.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is also participating in the exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan. He arrived in South Korea on Friday with escort ships. The maneuver began a day after another missile test by North Korea. The South Korean military said it was a short-range missile.

UN resolutions prohibit largely isolated North Korea from testing any type of ballistic missile that, depending on its design, could also carry a nuclear warhead. South Korea accused the neighboring country of provocation. North Korea is subject to international sanctions for its nuclear weapons program.

Preparation for Attack Plans Denied
The test was also seen as a response to the first deployment of a US aircraft carrier to South Korea in nearly four years and previously planned naval exercises. North Korea regularly accuses the United States of preparing an attack through military maneuvers with South Korea – which both countries deny.

Destroyers, Naval Ships and Special Forces
For their naval maneuvers, the Allies mobilized more than 20 naval vessels, including destroyers from both sides. According to the South Korean navy, special forces and anti-submarine warfare exercises are planned.

Tensions have risen
Tensions in the region have risen following a series of nuclear missile tests by North Korea this year. The nuclear dispute with the country will also be the subject of US Vice President Kamala Harris’ scheduled talks in Seoul on Thursday.

Source: Krone


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