Lantern Tilted – Fugitive Drawn Green Paint Trail by Aschach


The direction of escape is known: in Aschach an der Donau (Upper Austria), a truck that knocked over a lantern left a trail of green paint through half the city.

The concrete protection has broken down, the lamppost buckled: in Aschach/Donau a truck had an accident in the parking lot of Spar on Saturday night. The driver drove off over meadow strips and the sidewalk, leaving a trail of green paint – a bus may have been damaged in the collision.

The colored path continued to a traffic light and an intersection, where it then got lost. Parts of the truck, presumably a transport container, a hydraulic jack and a compressor, were left behind at the accident site. Now the police hope that these traces can be used to track down the fugitive driver.

Source: Krone


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