Nobel Week begins with the announcement of the winners in Medicine or Physiology


The prizes will be announced until October 10, in the following order: Tuesday for Physics, Wednesday for Chemistry, Thursday for Literature, Friday for Peace and Monday for Economics.

Euskaraz irakurri: Medikuntzako edo Physiologyko sarituen iragarpenarekin hasiko da Nobel astea

Nobel Week kicks off this Monday with the announcement of the awarded in Medicine or Physiology by the Karolinska Institute. Till the October 10will continue the announcements of Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Peace and Economics, this last prize is the only one not enshrined in the will of the inventor Alfred Nobel.

The Medicine Prize announcement is followed by Physics on Tuesday, Chemistry on Wednesday, Literature on Thursday, Peace on Friday – the only one to be announced and delivered in Olso and not in Stockholm – and Economics on Monday; Strictly speaking, this last award is called the Bank of Sweden Award in Tribute to Alfred Nobel.

The other categories were determined in his will by the inventor of dynamitewho left his fortune to give recognition to those who excelled in the sciences, in literature and in the pursuit of peace.

Nobel, who had no children but did have relatives who could have been his heirs, argued that: inherited fortunes were a mess.

For example, he arranged in his will that his money be invested in real estate and insurance, and that the interest be divided into five equal parts to reward personalities in the same number of areas, regardless of nationality.

Six decades later, the Bank of Sweden instituted the prize for economics, which is awarded since 1969.

All Nobel laureates follow a similar election process: scientists, academics or university professors nominate their candidates, and the different Nobel committees set different criteria for choosing the winner or winners, up to three per prize.

And they have the same financial endowment, this year from SEK 10 million (916,000 euros or 882,000 dollars).

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